Game Defends Dwight Howard’s Decision to Leave the Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers fan and rapper The Game has some words about Dwight Howard’s exit from the franchise this week. When asked what he’d do with Howard’s old No. 12 Lakers jersey now that the center will be playing for the Houston Rockets, Game suggested that fans “cut it in half” instead of burn it for safety reasons.

“Cut it, you don’t need to burn it,” Game says. “You might burn your house on fire, and we don’t want your neighbors thinking you’re an arsonist or nothing like that.”

But, the Game also came to Howard’s defense.

“The Lakers been alright before Dwight, we gonna be alright after,” Game told TMZ. “Dwight himself — stand up guy. Have anybody that’s out there shitting on Dwight ever thought about, like, if he maybe made the decision for his kids, and for himself and his family?”

Although he’s telling fans to cut the jersey in half, Game still says he’s burning his D12 jersey.