Gentleman’s Corner: The Game’s Hosea Chanchez Talks Portraying Malik Wright and Reveals The Actor Responsible For His Career

We’ve watched Malik Wright on The Game for six seasons and he is by far one of the most complex characters in the series (can we say substance abuse, various women, infidelity, and major stress on the field?). But Malik is polar opposite of Hosea Chanchez, the man portraying him on the hit TV show. Hosea has evolved into the man that he is hoping Malik will  become. “I want him to take it the next level of growth as far as manhood is involved. I’m not the same man I was 9 years ago. Some shit you just don’t do anymore,” says Hosea.

Fortunately, the Alabama native has come to peace with his athletic, fame indulged alter ego. “I decided to accept him for who he is and just enjoy him,” he says. He plays his character so well that it’s hard to believe he was never a fan.

We sat down with the superstar to get details on everything we need to know about our favorite show—especially his relationship with the cast and his battle with portraying Malik. Flip the pages to find out how opposite the two are and what actors inspired Hosea to get into the game.