Gentleman’s Corner: The Game’s Hosea Chanchez Talks Portraying Malik Wright and Reveals The Actor Responsible For His Career

Hosea ChanchezVIBE Vixen: How has everything been with the show this season?
Hosea Chanchez: Everything has been really good. This season was quite the change for us, so it just took a little getting used to. It’s also fun just being able to watch the show as a fan versus doing it.

Do you tune into the show with the rest of America?
I don’t watch on a weekly basis, but I do take time to catch up. I just saw it from the entire season at the end of May.

How do you feel about watching your character?
I’m usually at war with him; I’m screaming at the TV, I want [Malik] to grow up, I want him to have a better chance as a NFL baller. I want him to get his life together; I’m rooting for him. It’s so interesting when we step away from the show and shoot it; I actually forget what I’ve done because it’s so fast pace and it’s so much work involved. When I watch it [at home] I’m literally seeing it almost for the first time.

Do you like the way your character has developed throughout the season?
I like the way he’s developed throughout the years, but I’m ready for him to take it to the next level. I’m ready for him to go to the next place in his man hood. He’s in his 30’s now; he’s been in the league for quite some time. Men mature slower than women but at the same time in a 8 to 10 year gap you should see significant growth in a guy of this stature. He has small growth moments and natural progression, but I’m ready for him to turn over a complete new leaf about some of his ways.

More of a positive leaf?
Of course, his leaves have been very negative so far [laughs]. I’m ready for him to turn over positive leaves.

How are you compared to Malik?
This past season is the first time I really enjoyed playing him. I didn’t judge him—I decided to accept him for who he is and just enjoy him. Malik is the polar opposite of Hosea. We could not be any less alike; however, we both have single moms who had us at a really young age. Much like Tasha and Malik are best friends, me and my mom are best friends—we’re more like brother and sister than mother and son. We have that commonality, but other than that there’s really not that much in common between us.

What part of Malik’s career do you relate to the most?
Much like Malik I am absolutely confident in where I am and where I’m going in my career. That’s the one thing about him I admire. This cat doesn’t give a fuck who’s on the team, he’s going to do him regardless. Like me, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do and be as big, bright, and successful as I’m entitled to be. I’m not going to hurt anyone along the way; I don’t have to take away anyone’s shine to be my best and Malik is the same.

I appreciate that Malik’s a team player. He’s going to shine, but he’s all about making sure the team is well taken care of. I’m all about the team and making sure the people around me are having a good time and that I’m giving my best so they can get their best.

How is it working with Wendy R. Robinson?
Wendy is the best, that’s my ace right there. At the end of the day, she’s going to deliver her work, she’s going to do it in her loving spirit and if you need to talk to her about some real life stuff outside of work, she’s there.  I’ve said this from day one: she’s one of the most giving actresses I’ve ever worked with, not just giving as an actress but as a person.

Do you view her as a motherly figure in real life?
In real life she is much like my mom. Not like a mother to me, but she and my mom act alike. They’re both flamboyantly outgoing women who love to make people laugh. If you want to hang out with somebody, she’s the one you want to hang out with. There is never a dull moment [with her], trust me, ever.

Is she anything like her character in real life?
She’s just like Tasha Mack but softer. Tasha is a little rough around the edges, but Wendy is just as much fun.