Get Lucky With Daft Punk Condoms


Daft Punk’s record sales might have fallen a tad flat after the initial surge, but hopefully other parts of The Robots are still growing. Daft Punk teamed up with condom manufacturer Durex to create ‘Get Lucky’ brand condoms, which calls into question… “was it their plan all along when they made the tune with Pharrell Williams?” Just askin’… The harder, better, faster, stronger rubbers were sent out to a select few DJs, including Diplo who Instagramed his package with “Thank god I had those daft punk condoms last night” as his caption.

The promo sex wraps are just one of a few items the electronic duo are producing along with new action figures and specially-marked Coca-Cola bottles coming by this fall. For now, Daft Punk is expanding their brand beyond music so you can be safe while other things expand as well.

Photo Credit: Getty