‘Hit the Floor’ Cast Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets in Pre-Finale Chat


This season, VH1’s new and addictive scripted series Hit the Floor, is keeping fans glued to their screens courtesy of the baddest mafia, ahem, dance team in LA—The Devil Girls. These ladies may not be scoring baskets, but trust, their calling the shots on and off the court, especially when it comes to three of the show’s breakout characters—Jelena,  Kyle and Ahsha—who somehow always find themselves in the thick of chaos. Fans were thrust head-first into the cut-throat world of the Devil Girls, when resident mean girl and dance captain, Jelena, reveals to the spirited Ahsha in the very first episode that Coach Davenport is her biological father. Many of us quickly became seduced by Kyle’s unapologetic pension for a man and his wallet, and throughout the season, we’ve witnessed Ahsha’s ongoing struggle to fully commit to her life as a Devil Girl without compromising her values. It’s evident that the tangled web the series has weaved, has enthralled viewers with secrets of sex, lies, heartbreak, and scandal.

Sadly, fans of the show will temporarily have to say farewell to the backstabbing and hi-jinx, and let’s not forget the over-the-top dance numbers—as the highly anticipated finale of Hit the Floor airs tonight, revealing the answer to last episode’s cliffhanger: which Devil Girl has been killed off?

As we brace ourselves for Devil Girl withdrawal, VIBE Vixen chatted with Logan Browning (Jelena), Katherine Bailess (Kyle) and Taylour Paige (Ahsha) to see how well they know their fellow castmates. We interviewed them individually to keep them honest, and compiled some of their most revealing quotes for you.

Of course, we attempted to squeeze some juice out of each of them about tonight’s finale episode which Katherine Bailess reveals, “I can’t give away specifics, but I will say that there’s pretty much a cliffhanger for every character’s storyline. There’s a lot of cliffhangers. It’s going to leave people sweating til’ next May.”

Think you know which Devil Girl’s had her last dance? Tune in tonight at 9pm on VH1, to find out if you’re right.—Jackie Smith