‘Hit the Floor’ Cast Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets in Pre-Finale Chat

 'Hit the Floor's' Katherine Bailess

The Funniest Person On Set

Taylour: “It’s a toss up between Katherine Bailess and Jonathan McDaniel (German). Katherine’s from Mississippi and has her hilarious twang. She’ll just says things like, “C’mon ya’ll” and we’ll just start crackin’ up. It’s just the way she is naturally. and then Jonathan, my boyfriend on the show—we have so many inside jokes. He’s always having a good time, dancing, rapping—he’s just fun.”

 Katherine: “I’d say that Taylour is pretty funny, but everybody has their own sense of humor. Rob, who plays Terrence, is hysterical and even Logan who plays Jelena. She’s one of the nicest, most genuine girls I’ve ever met and she is so fun, and funny. The whole cast actually has a great sense of humor. I think everybody comes to set in a good mood. Valery Ortiz [Rauel], she’s got her own little vibe; she’s got her little Latina thing. Every character that anyone brings to the screen has a bit of themselves in them. I turned Kyle into what she is, and that’s why Kyle’s southern. They didn’t write her southern, I came into the room maybe my third callback and they were like, ‘Where are you from?’

I said, ‘Mississippi. Why? Can ya’ll tell?’

Logan: [Laughs] “Katherine. She’s so funny. Kat doesn’t even have to say anything to be funny. Her aura is funny. When she opens her mouth, she doesn’t actually have to say anything funny, her personality is hilarious on its own. But then, now I’m thinking James our creator is a top-notch comedian. He’s hilarious. I’m probably the least funny.”