‘Hit the Floor’ Cast Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets in Pre-Finale Chat

'Hit the Floor's' Logan Browning and Taylour PaigeTaylour Paige and Katherine Bailess

The Greediest Castmate

Katherine: “I’d say Taylour or even Logan. She’s not greedy, she just doesn’t care, she’ll eat whatever. She’s got a fast metabolism.”

 Logan: “I was about to throw the boys under the bus, but to be honest, us girls are always moving and shaking and burning calories, so we always want snacks and need energy to keep us going. The boys are so good about eating right and working out all the time. Rob always has some beef jerky. [Gasps!] I remember the day of our sex scene in the pilot I saw him with a roll and I was like, ‘You’re eating carbs.’ And he was like, ‘This is all I had to eat today. Wait ‘til you see me later.’ After we finished our scene, both of us were eating burgers. Trust me. We cheat a lot. We’re like, ‘Margaritas and tacos, please.’

Taylour: I’m probably the greediest. I’m always fat and eating all the time. I always run to go to crafy…