‘Hit the Floor’ Cast Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets in Pre-Finale Chat

 'Hit the Floor's' Logan Browning

Most Social Media-Saavy

Taylour: I think everyone’s gotten really into it. Logan does these really creative Vines. She was really into it for a while and then they took Vine away. I only have Twitter and Instagram because I get so overwhelmed; Logan has Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, whatever that is. She’s really adept with it.”

Logan: “I think that Taylour does a really good job responding to everyone. Rob [Terrence] does a really good job of making little fan videos, thanking fans and thanking people for watching. The show has made everyone so in tune with social media. Just because our show is so social media-driven; they keep the storyline going offscreen—all of the characters have Twitter accounts and there’s Devil Girls and Devils’ blogs, so all of us are pretty active online.”

 Katherine: “Hands down, Taylour and Logan. Oh, and Valery. We all have our social media skills up to par, because that’s what’s kind of what’s driving our show. We are one of the top ten most tweeted shows of summer and we’re the only one in it’s first season.