‘Hit the Floor’ Cast Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets in Pre-Finale Chat

 Taylour Paige and Katherine Bailess

Most Like Their Character


Logan: “I think I’m most like my character—naw, I’m just kidding. [Laughs] I think everyone is cast really, really well. I just don’t think there’s anyone that could play their character better than they could. So, in my head, everyone is their character just because they can bring it to life so well. It’s hard to say Taylour because Ahsha is so naïve that it’s almost rude to say it’s Taylour, but her and her character have a lot of similarities—Taylour was a Laker girl for three months, she’s like the rookie and she’s also very new to the acting side of the industry.”

Taylour: “Probably Kat. Not in terms of all the sexual stuff, but she’s extremely smart. She’s really witty. She knows what she’s doing. She has these real-life one-liners that are just like, did you really just say that? And we can’t help but laugh. And McKinley is pretty smooth and he’s really confident. In a sense, everyone has some similarity to their character, some obviously more than others. I think that Ahsha and I parallel in a lot of ways, where we are in our lives, where we are in our relationships. I feel like I’m a lot more self aware and I have that child-like enthusiasm but I’m like also aware this is Hollywood. This is the industry. I’m professional. This is a job, and I feel like Ahsha,  gets swallowed in and isn’t aware of the repercussions of her actions. She doesn’t really stand up for herself. And at this point, I would’ve probably cussed someone out, punched someone in the face.” [Laughs]


Toughest Scenes

Logan: “I’d love to give you an actual scene, but I think that we’ve had some really tough dances and the TV doesn’t even show you half of how hard. Like, the fact that we did a dance in the pitch black; it wasn’t like they used special effects to make us glow. We just had on neon colors under a black light. We have to look like a cohesive team, which can be very hard because we’re not always in rehearsals together. Our choreographer’s really good. I think all of our dances are very unique, which I hope people enjoy.”

Taylour: “The hardest scene? It’s a toss up between my break-up scene with German, because I just got out of a relationship. It was hard because my relationship with my ex-boyfriend and the relationship between Ahsha and German were very similar in terms of them being together and loving each other for so long, and the circumstances overwhelming their relationship. That was hard to film because it was so real.”


Check back tomorrow for our post-finale Part II—the cast talks character swaps, audition flops, and boy props!