Watch: J. Cole Performs ‘Power Trip’ On ‘The View’

J. Cole made his daytime debut Tuesday (July 23) on ABC’s talk show The View. Cole put on a live performance of his platinum single “Power Trip” before sitting down to talk topping Kanye West on the Billboard charts and why he felt it was necessary to pen an apology for his lyric about autism on Drake’s “Jodeci Freestlye.”

“As rappers, sometimes we try to play with words and be so clever and we take pride, but in this particular instance, it wasn’t clever, it was actually offensive,” he explained. “The more I educated myself, the more embarrassed I got about it.”

Host Sherri Shepherd was particularly touched by Cole’s sincerity since she is a mother to a child with special needs. The Born Sinner rapper even took to timelines to explain how mama Kay was also looking out for her son. “Doing ‘The View’. Momma just told me she ‘got the whole hood watching.’ Hahahaaaaa,” he tweeted.

Check out the performance above.—Alley Olivier