Ja Rule & Adrienne Bailon To Star in New Christian Movie [Trailer]

Looks like his jail bid turned Ja Rule into a God-fearing actor.

Ja and Adrienne Bailon star in I’m in Love with a Church Girl. The rapper stars as Miles Montego, a former drug trafficker turning over a new leaf in this Reverence Gospel Media film. His character battles trying to stay stay out of jail  while maintaining his street cred and relationship with his church-going girlfriend, played by Bailon.

“I wasn’t even sure [on the role],” Atkins revealed to VIBE . “I started reading the script and it was something I felt I could tackle that didn’t take me all the way outside of my element but just far enough where people could actually see that I can act.” If the trailer is as good as the movie, than he has us sold.

Press play to watch the trailer and let us know what you think.