K. Michelle Encourages Women to Rebel Against Negativity With New Campaign [Video]

K. Michelle channels her voice for a good cause with the launch of “Rebel Against” campaign. In partnership  with Saving Our Daughters, the “V.S.O.P” chanteuse launched a new campaign that encourages women to rebel against negativity and tap into their full potential.

“I teamed up with Saving Our Daughters to empower women on different things that might make them feel inferior, whether it might be violence, racism, or anything that they might be struggling or facing from day-to-day,” says K. Michelle.

Bonding with women of all races during a photo shoot, K. Michelle joined the empowered dozen wearing white and denim as she posed for the last shot of the day.

“Today my life has changed. I’m no longer the woman I was before. I continue to evolve each day into someone I can be proud of,” says K. Michelle. “I’ve been blessed with a worldwide platform and I intend to use it to bring liberty to anyone that needs a partner or a champion.”

K. Michelle’s releases “Rebellious Soul” in stores and online August 13. Jump the page and press play to watch her in action. —Andrew Asare

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