Keeping It Real: Our Favorite Instagram Pics of Celebs’ Fro’d-Out Hair

Lil Mama with big hair

When it comes to hair, celebs use to be as hushed about their natural mane as a secret service agent guarding an Obama barbershop visit. But thanks to digital technology, that’s a thing of the past. At this point, it’s nearly impossible to check your Instagram feed without seeing our favorite VIP Vixen’s getting easy, breezy with their coifs. The unleashing of a famous ‘fro in all its kinky, curly flyness, can incite serious salon buzz. (Who can forget Oprah’s outrageously huge afro pic?) Check out our top ten Instagram Afro pics (Get it? Afro picks.) —L.H.

6. Lil Mama

May 2012, Lil Mama showed the world that it’s not just her lip-gloss that be popping.