Kelly Rowland Rescued After 12 Hours At Sea

Kelly Rowland found herself lost at sea for 12 hours last Friday (July 19) after embarking on a private whale watching expedition with friends. The ship’s captain became disoriented after their boat was rocked by heavy fog and five foot waves at about 30 miles per hour off shore, according to the New York Daily News.

When the ship was late on its return, the Coast Guard was notified and triangulated the lost boat’s location. At which point, Noah Santos, captain of the TowBoat U.S., was dispatched to bring the lost charter boat back to dry land.

Thought the “Survivor” singer and friends had little words to express once setting their feet on dry land, Kelly was sure to thank her rescuer the very next day.

“I ran into her the next day while I was out at dinner with my wife and she bought us dinner,” Santos said. – Alley Olivier

Photo Credit: NY Daily News