Keri Hilson Reveals Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Brands and Which Fashion Trends She’s Coveting This Summer

Keri Hilson wearing floral pantsKeri’s Favorite Beauty Trend:
“Lipgloss had a long run, but lipstick is back, and now they’re getting funky. They’re doing greens, and blues, and yellows, and golds. My everyday lipstick is called Fairest Nude by L’oreal. I’ve worn for years. It’s from the drugstore, which is great [because] I know I can find it in any city I’m in.”

Keri’s Favorite Fashion Trends:
“I’m a fan of this whole resurgence of florals. I love it. It’s on baseball caps, it’s on hoodies, and backpacks. It’s been given a whole new cool that I never expected because when I was a kid, floral was for grandmas!”

“I love that a lot of people are becoming vintage lovers and collectors of fashion. When I was in high school, I would go into my mother’s closet and try on her clothing from college. I wore them to school, and I would just incorporate them with the new trends, whatever was going on.”

Big, Textured Hair
“I’ve always loved big, textured hair, not super straight. But, I’ve done every straight style you could have. But I really love textured hair, and my hair idol is Tracee Ellis Ross. She has the best hair ever.”

Photo Credit: Nicole Bitchie