Kris Jenner Weighs In On Kanye West’s Paparazzi Outburst

Kanye West’s disdain for the paparazzi is practically public record. Shove a camera in his face and you can bet an enraged rapper will emerge. But in a recent appearance on “The Talk,” soon-to-be mother-in-law Kris Jenner watched the recent footage of the Yeezus MC threatening TMZ’s camera man at LAX and revealed why he may have been so aggy.

“First of all, I love that man, he is great guy, I think he was just a little sleep-deprived,” the Kardashian matriarch said with a smile.

It’s plausible given that West just became a father last month to a baby girl named North West, his first child with reality star beau Kim Kardashian. But the K-clan momager didn’t want to make any assumptions about ‘Ye’s outburst without being given a back-story.

“Anyone that gets upset over paparazzi-related issues, they’re obviously provoked to an extent that we see nothing about,” she says. “None of us know the 15 minutes that happened before that and how crazy they could’ve gotten.”

She adds that there’s always a reason for his madness. “Knowing Kanye, and I do know him very, very well and I’m very close to him, he doesn’t have a short-temper like everyone thinks. It happens but it happens for a reason.”

Watch the full explanation above.