Lady Gaga’s New Song Title Revealed?

Lady Gaga kept her clothes on and continued to leave a trail of clues leading up to the release of her comeback single.

In the latest flick posted on her LittleMonsters site, the “Paparazzi” singer taps into her artistic side. The caption for the photo, reportedly posted by her markeup artist Tara Savelo, reads, “26 days,” signifying the countdown till Mother Monster’s musical return.

The word “Applause” is also clearly visible in red lettering and could possibly be the title of the upcoming track. Gaga stans with a meticulous pair of eyes also noticed this little detail, “If you flip the photo upside down, and look right above where ‘The Applause’ is written it says, ‘Lady Gaga B198.”

Several hours before, the eccentric songstress posted a drawing with presumably lyrics to a new track. “If only fame had an IV/baby I could bare being away from you/ I found the vein put it in here,” it read with the description underneath: “Documented this album/app ARTPOP project in a series of notes and books, with visual ideas and sketches throughout. i take this book everywhere.”

If this cryptic show-and-tell is any indication of Gaga’s forthcoming project, consider us stumped. However, the Monsters can mark their calendars because the new single drops Aug. 18 with the November-bound ARTPOP album and app going on sale for pre-order Sept. 1.–Alley Olivier

Photo Credit: LittleMonsters