Lil Kim Revisits Solo Debut on New ‘Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz’ Mixtape

Lil’ Kim is going back to where it all started — her 1996 debut Hard Core.

Kim released the cover of her next mixtape Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz, and not only does the title play off of her suggestive solo debut, but so does its cover.

The original Hard Core showed a young Kim spread eagle over a polar bear rug in front of a fireplace flanked by roses with some champagne chilling by her side. A fireplace reappears on the cover for Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz, but the champagne cooler has been replaced by two bottles of Ciroc and some guap, while a white tiger stands in for Kim. Yep, the cover has been re-upped.

Kim has been working on new music and dropped the new single “Looks Like Money” earlier this month. A teaser for the track’s video soon followed.

Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz is only the third mixtape of Kim’s two-decade long career. It is preceded by 2008’s Ms. G.O.A.T and 2011′ s infamous Nicki Minaj-dissing Black Friday.

Hard Core