Lil Snupe Laid To Rest In Native Jonesboro (Video)

Hundreds paid their last respects to fallen Louisiana rapper Lil Snupe as he was laid to rest in his native Jonesboro at Hodge High School Saturday (June 30). The Dream Chasers signee, who was considered to be Meek Mill’s protegee, was shot to death earlier this month, sending a ripple of sadness throughout the hip-hop community.

“It inspired the whole city. He touched the mayor, he touched the police station he touched the hood, he touched everybody,” says one of the attendees. “He unified the whole town and when you lose him, it tears the town down but they strong though. When I was in Jonesoboro, I seen a lot of Lil Snupes in there. They won’t tell you that while you livin’ but when you gone, they see it.”

Watch the people of Jonesboro share their best memories of the 18-year-old MC above.