Listen: Joey Badass ‘Norwegian Breakfast’

The Smoker’s Club dropped their OIL:710 mixtape earlier this week and it included a brand new cut from Joey Bada$$. On “Norwegian Breakfast” the Pro Era frontman wants everyone to see the world from the corner of his eye.

“An eye for an eye make the world go round/ An eye for a guy make your girl go down/ She sip this shit like it liquor, but coming out my god body it’s like elixir,” raps an unabashed Bad$$ on “Norwegian Breakfast.” He doesn’t hold back on the introspective track. “Bitches, money, and weed, same shit, just ignorance/ But how you expect me to act? Less black, less niggerish?/ Fuck that, money control all my niggas shit,” he deliberates.

Lots of gems on this track. Add “Norwegian Breakfast” to your already beefy Joey Badass summer playlist. Download the Smoker’s Club OIL:7:10 mixtape here.

[via Complex]