Listen: Wyclef Jean Drops “Justice (If You’re 17)” in Tribute to Trayvon Martin

Wyclef Jean has penned a tribute track for fallen 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who pulled the trigger in the shooting death of the teen. Like Young Jeezy, who penned the tribute track “It’s A Cold World,” and Beyonce, who held a moment of silence at her Nashville concert, Clef adds his name to a growing list of musicians reacting to the verdict.

Wyclef’s track is titled “Justice (If You’re 17)” and was released with an accompanying video that attempts to reenact the how Martin was infamously profiled for wearing a hoody and only being armed with a pack of Skittles.

“If you’re 17 with a hoody on, watch out for the neighborhood watcher/ If you at the right neighborhood at the wrong time, neighborhood watcher,” sings Clef on “Justice (If You’re 17).”

“Racism isn’t just hate,” he also wrote on Twitter. “It’s inequity for everybody, defies all humanity. The death of a kid is a global defeat. I pray for Martin’s family.” Spin Wyclef’s Trayvon tribute below.