L’Oreal Promotes ‘Sublime SPF Collection’ for Melanoma Awareness

For as long as we can remember, the idea that people of color can’t sunburn has kept many of us from wearing sunscreen. Truth is, skin cancer, particularly melanoma, kills people every day, including African American and Latino women. As the most aggressive type of skin cancer, melanoma goes undetected by many because of the preconcieved notion that our brown skin protects us.

In an effort to raise awareness and money for research, beauty brand L’Oreal has teamed up with the Melanoma Research Alliance to promote its ‘Sublime Sun SPF Collection.’ As part of this venture, $1 from each bottle sold will go toward cancer research.

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L'Oreal Crystal Clear Mist

Advanced Sunscreen 50 SPF Crystal Clear Mist, $10.99

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