Ludacris Talks New Album, DTP, Atlanta Club Fight And More With The Breakfast Club

Ludacris chopped it up with The Breakfast Club trio including his new album Ludaversal, the status of his Disturbin’ Tha Peace label and recent scuffle at the club in Atlanta.

“The honesty of the situation is that I saw my homeboy getting mushed, and I reacted,” he said about the brawl that broke out at Prive night club while he was with girlfriend Eudoxie, shutting down rumors that they were both hit in the head with bottles. “Everybody’s like, ‘Where’s Luda? Security, isn’t security supposed to handle that?’ I reacted so fast that they basically had to pull me off the dude. I didn’t get touched. Somebody jump on your man, what you gonna do?”

Club fights aside, the southern-bred spitter/actor said that he is interested in signing on a female rapper as the deal with former protegé Shawnna didn’t pan out as expected.

“I don’t know what happened to Shawnna, I’m just keeping it real with you,” said Ludacris. “We was recording, I was in mid-album, and I hear on the Internet that Shawnna is signed to T-Pain, and I have not heard from her since.”

Despite the setback, the Fast & Furious is ready to get back to music, as he filmed five films in 3 years during his break.

“I come from the independent grind,” he said of his early experience. “So this is before radio, before any of that, when you’re selling albums out the trunk. So if I gotta grind hard just because I’ve been gone for a little while, then that’s what I’ll do.”

Watch the full interview.—Nina Marrissa (@NinaMarrissa)