Lupe Fiasco Beefs With Childish Gambino: “I Don’t Work With Blacks”

“Those were niggaz,” tweeted Fiasco. “Blacks and niggaz come from 2 completely different parts of the chicken… @datkidsqweent @lupefiascostore @DonaldGlover.”

The last tweet lit up a Twitter storm, with Fiasco’s name soon trending on the social media site. Whether Fiasco was just trying to bring his impromptu Twitter standup stint full-circle by bringing chicken back into it, only Fiasco will know. Still, it was Childish Gambino who had the last word. It was a witty response.

UPDATE: Fiasco has given us side eyes and revealed he indeed meant the whole exchange as a joke. Here’s what he tweeted @VIBEMagazine:

“Well that settles it…even wit a private twitter & obvious jokes I still somehow make headlines… #sideeyes @VibeMagazine @childishgambino.”

—Charley Rogulewski