Mariah Records Voice Message to Notify Fans of Her Health Status and New Music

Recovering from injuries from a fall she took while filming the remix video for “#Beautiful”, Mariah Carey and her physical therapist took some time to leave a voice recording to update her fans on the status of her recovery and new music.

“If people could actually see it they’d understand the severity of what’s going on, despite that she’s recovering nicely, but if any of you know what an injury is, it’s a long road to recovery,” said Samantha,  Mariah’s physical therapist. “We’re dealing right now with a dislocated shoulder, a fractured rib, nerve injuries.”

Regardless of her ailing injuries, with support of her therapist and Nick Cannon, Mariah is still hard at work putting the final touches on the new album The Art Of Letting Go. She said in her recording she’s editing the video for “#Beautiful” (Remix). Also, she revealed there will be an upcoming video of her Central Park performance of “#Beautiful,” along with a snippet of a new dance remixed version of the song. –Andrew Asare

Listen to Mimi’s message after the jump.