Miley Cyrus Considers Pharrell ‘Big Bro,’ Talks Jay Z Shout Out

Pop star Miley Cyrus knew that a musical comeback would require the sounds of a master producer. In a recent interview with MTV UK, the “We Can’t Stop” singer recalls how she first name-dropped Pharrell for her forthcoming LP and how she feels “protected” by the chart-topping beatsmith.

“Pharrell… was the first thing I said, just because that was kind of me at that point – this is before “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” was out,” Miley explained. “He had kind of had radio silence for a second and because he was just coming up with this new sound, he was also reinventing himself and getting even more involved with fashion, taking himself to a whole other brand which is what, you know, I’ve been wanting to do.”

The shared desire to evolve as artists cemented a tight-knit relationship between the two.”I feel protected by him ‘cos he’s like a big bro, so I feel like a whole different vibe in the studio,” she adds. “I kinda got stuck in there with him.”

While Skateboard P says Miley’s yet-to-be-titled project won’t be “hip-hop heavy,” the 20-year-old received a major rap co-sign when Jay Z shouted her out on “Somewhereinamerica” off his recently released album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

“Pharrell had actually hit me [up], he was like ‘Jay Z wants to call you and tell you that he’s shouting you out in the song tomorrow,” she recalls. “I was in Miami and was doing crazy press for my record. So I came out… and we got to go out and hear it in a club. It was fun.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/ @MileyCyrus