Mishka Womens 2013 Summer Lookbook

Mishka NYC recently debuted their Summer 2013 lookbook just for the ladies.

The Brooklyn based brand turns 10-years-old this year, and while they have admitted to trying to cater to females in the past, their efforts have usually focused on menswear. Nevertheless, their latest collection includes an assortment of oversized button-ups and cut-off tees with printed Mishka logos. Their signature “Keep Watch” logo makes its way onto several of the vintage tees and a stylish baseball cap, adding to the unisex appeal of the line. Check out the full collection here and read below what the brand had to say about their women’s 2013 summer lookbook.

Mishka Celebrates 10 Years Of Streetwear Fashion

“Whatever the reasons for taking dudes clothes, we over here at Мишка support the look. Go ahead and steal one of our shirts from your boyfriend or lil brother. Cut it into a lil crop top, or slash off the arms so you can show the world your guns (arms or sideboob, play it as you will). ya boy’ll have to buy a new one (win for us) and you’ll get to be the one broad in pilates with a shirt that says “DEATH” (win for you). Maybe wear a shirt with a giant Keep Watch on it. When the creepy dude at the deli tries to look at your chest, there’ll be an eye looking back at him, silently, panoptically saying “hey breh, cool it with the objectification, my guy.'”