Monday Rewind: 3 EDM Videos That We’re Still Watching

In case you missed it, or if you didn’t and are just like us when it comes to getting addicted to fresh music videos, here are three dope EDM videos from last week heating up our speakers and steaming up our screens: DJ Fresh vs. Diplo “Earthquake” (feat. Dominique Young Unique) This one’s got something for the gents AND the ladies. Meet today’s modern super heroes, who are ‘strapped down’ for some action. Yeah, there may be a massive earthquake going down and a green monster terrorizing the city, but check out how good they look walking through the wreckage with their swaggah.

Brass Knuckles “As Long As I’m Alive” (feat. John Ryan) The best part about this video – the female attire! We mean, what can be sexier (or rad) than a hot body sporting a Daft Punk-ish helmet and studded leather jacket. Plus, the music goes harder than a pair of ‘brass knuckles.’
Static Revenger and Kay “Back Off, Bitch!” Dim Mak artist, Static Revenger takes the lead with his feisty counterpart Kay. In the video, Kay brings sheer fierceness with sultry makeup and in-your-face attitude/lyrics.