The New Chicago: 10 Next Generation Chi-Town Artists Speak


Chicago’s up-and-coming voice share how to win in the City of Wind

Summertime Chi is a beautiful sight—the crisp sunset on Lakeshore Drive, families coasting along North Avenue beach, couples walking up to Millennium Park hand-in-hand, children floating atop the highest heights on Navy Pier’s mighty Ferris Wheel, taking in the awe-inspiring views of the entire city. If they look closely enough, they’ll find nestled away in some of Chicago’s most notorious neighborhoods, amidst the Vicelords, Gangster Disciples and Latin Kings, a gang making a far bigger splash. But instead of murdering bodies, they annihilate verses. They are the few, the proud, the relentless Chiraq go-getters.

Whether it’s soulful, Marvin Gaye-inspired sounds, tales of acid trips, bad bitch anthems, or simply songs for your summer soundtrack, they all have a story to tell and these gifted few are using their talents to put the city on the map. Their time is now. —Shannon Powell (@shannonmichele_)