Nick Cannon Talks Inviting Jay-Z, Kanye West And Eminem To Appear On ‘Wild ‘N Out’

Since causing a ruckus on Nickelodeon as a teen, Nick Cannon has amassed a rolodex filled with VIPs. As he preps for the return of his hip-hop improv show “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV2 after a five-year hiatus, the TV/radio personality did not hesitate to call on some of rap’s finest to join the festivities.

Rewind the tape back to 2008 when a jean-wearing Kanye West (gasp!) hit the stage and annihilated the competition with his “Wild Style” battle bars. While both Cannon and West have become fathers in the interim, the Drumline star says that it was the rapper’s Yeezus album that blocked a possible comeback.

“Kanye is still my man and one of my close friends but this time around, when we shot [“Wild ‘N Out”], he was in the middle of making the album that’s out now,” Cannon tells VIBE alongside one of the “WNO” castmembers/ rapper Conceited. “That’s the time you can’t really get people when they’re focused on their album.”

The comedian-mogul didn’t stop there. He also asked Jay-Z to make an appearance. “Shoot, I asked Jay to do it. I was like, ‘Yo c’mon man, quit playin!,” Cannon recalls. “He was like ‘You really think I’ma wild out?'”

A cameo from the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper seems possible given MTV’s casting director Silvana Marmolejos and Cannon both popped up at Hov’s MGHC release party in Brooklyn.

Still, star power and loaded itineraries didn’t prevent the funny businessman from hitting up everyone, even the controversial Slim Shady. “People like that need to…I asked Eminem to do it!,” he says. “That’ll be an amazing show. That’d be big for hip-hop,” Cannon says before laughing it off, “I still think he a little scared.”—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)