Nick Cannon Talks The Return Of ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ Odd Future And More

Entertainment mogul Nick Cannon is back to flood the small screens with his hip-hop comedy improv show ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ After its season premiere Tuesday (July 9), MTV2 viewers were introduced to a cast of new funnymen and some of rap’s most familiar faces.

Cannon says this go-round will be responsible for breaking new talent but with a twist. “I want to create opportunities for new talent and thats what we did the first time around. The first time around, it was all of my friends who I thought were hilarious that the world didn’t know yet so everyone from Affion (Crockett) to Katt (Williams) to Kevin (Hart) and all of those people,” he tells VIBE. “This time, I feel like we got the same level of talent, if not better. With people like Timothy De La Ghetto and Conceited, these are people who have actual real hip-hop talent. We didn’t have that the last time around, where we were like these cats can make albums, records and be artists. I’m looking forward to seeing that journey as well as breaking new talent in that sense.”

One component that remains the same is the hard-hitting Wild Style where two squads duke it out with freestyles. When asked which hip-hopper brought the most laughs, Cannon name-drops a well-known Bad Boy. “I didn’t expect French Montana to be as funny as he was,” Cannon reveals. “He had everybody dying.”

During the BET Awards two weeks ago, one rapper spewed out shots at Cannon on a serious note. While Mariah Carey’s hubby acknowledged Tyler, The Creator’s Twitter diss, Cannon still kept the peace. “I’m a huge fan of Odd Future. I love their movement and everything that they do,” he said. “Tyler’s a dope MC and everybody like Earl (Sweatshirt), them cats is really talented and intelligent so for them to be so rebellious, intelligent and talented, that’s a dangerous combination. I just wish they wasn’t frightened of this ‘Wild ‘N Out’ thing we got goin’ on, so we could actually make some good entertainment. And [Tyler] always be talking greasy about me, saying ‘he hate me’ and ‘Fuck Nick Cannon’ like he did the other day, well I was like ‘Why don’t we talk about this on the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ stage man-to-man?'”

Only time will tell if the Wolfgang accepts the challenge. Watch the full interview with Cannon and rapper Conceited above.—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)