O.J. Simpson Wins Some Parole But Will Remain Behind Bars

O.J. Simpson won a small victory Wednesday (July 31) after Nevada granted him parole on some of his 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery convictions that have kept him in prison for five years.

“We expected it,” Patricia Palm, one of Simpson’s current lawyers, told The Associated Press shortly after the order was issued Wednesday. “There is no reason not to grant him parole. I’m glad they did what they should have done.”

However, the former NFL star, 66, faces at least four more years behind bars at the Lovelock Correctional Center to carry out consecutive prison sentences. He was convicted in December 2008 for kidnapping, robbery, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges involving the holdup of two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas hotel room, the L.A. Times reports.

Simpson made his bid for freedom in front of a two-member parole board last Thursday. The parole will begin Oct. 2, where he will serve the minimum term on four concurrent sentences from using a weapon during the 2007 robbery.

He may still get another shot at freedom as a Clark County district judge is considering whether to grant him a new trial. Palm said that he called to inform her of the board’s decision. “He’s very happy and grateful,” she said.

According to prison officials say, Simpson had no disciplinary actions against him.

Photo Credit: AP