Philly Fourth of July Jam Creates a Melting Pot of Music

J-Cole at The Roots Philly event

J. Cole ignited the most excitement by far. Following Kevin Hart’s introduction, watching his fans run to the stage was like watching a series of waves approach the shore. Dressed in a fitted, baseball jersey and fresh kicks, the Roc Nation rapper wasted no time getting into three of his biggest hits: “Work Out,” “Crooked Smile,” and “Power Trip,”—the latter of which reignited our love for it with a live rendition.

Cole’s much too brief appearance was followed by John Mayer, who sounded better than ever after a extended break due to throat surgery. Fans, who were already riding high off of the Cole set, did the same for Mayer and Ne-Yo who closed out the night with a medley of his dance hits.

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