President Obama Visits Nelson Mandela Robben Island Cell

The world continues to keep their ears perked for updates on former South African President Nelson Mandela’ ailing condition. After suffering from a lung infection in early June, the activist icon has been reportedly on life support.

President Barack Obama recently paid tribute to Mandela by visiting the Robben Island prison where the ex-Prez was held as a political prisoner for over 25 years. “Seeing them stand within the walls that once surrounded Nelson Mandela, I knew this was an experience they would never forget,” Obama said, according to USA Today. “I knew that they now appreciated a little bit more the sacrifices that Madiba and others had made for freedom.”

After visiting the cell, he arrived at the University of Cape Town to deliver a speech, encouraging students to continue working for change. Obama did not visit Mandela in the Pretoria hospital where he has been in intensive care at the Mandela’s family request.

“I expressed my hope that Madiba draws peace and comfort from the time that he is spending with loved ones, and also expressed my heartfelt support for the entire family as they work through this difficult time,” Obama said. “I also reaffirmed the profound impact that his legacy has had in building a free South Africa, and in inspiring people around the world – including me.”

Obama added, “Nelson Mandela showed us that one man’s courage can move the world.”—Andrew Asare