Prince Rocks Retro Afro for ‘V’ Magazine

Prince takes the phrase “no new friends” to a whole other level. In a career that spans over 30 years, the “Purple Rain” singer has rarely discussed the in and outs of his creative process and the inner circle that helped make it happen. This month, the outspoken artist covers the summer issue of V magazine dressed like music royalty. Rocking his throwback fro, embellished jacket and three finger eye ring, Prince unveils his own formula for longevity.

“This organization is different than most, in the sense that we don’t take directions from the outside world. It’s like a galaxy. The sun is in the center giving off energy, and everything revolves around it…Nobody really talks to me. Nobody talks to me a lot,” he explains.

When asked if he owns any modern technologies like an iPhone, he responds, “Are you serious? Hell no” while adding that he concentrates most of his daily energy on performing and writing songs, all of which he equally loves.

These days, the icon continues to sell out arenas and reinvent himself. Contrary to other artists, the singer elaborates on what separates him from other performers.

“People come to see us 50 times. Well, that’s not just going to see a concert—that’s some other mess going on. This music changes you,” he says of his live show. “These people are not being satisfied elsewhere by musicians, you feel what I’m saying? It’s no disrespect to anyone else, because we’re not checking for them. But we don’t lip synch. We ain’t got time for it.”

Photo Credit: Inez & Vinoodh/V Magazine