Pusha-T Fan Gets Play Cloths Face Tattoo

A young fan was so … What’s the word? … Enamored? Inspired? Possessed? A young fan was so infatuated by Pusha T’s Play Cloths label that he went ahead and got the streetwear brand’s logo tattooed on his face. Actually, smack dab on his forehead. Ya can’t miss it! “You sir are a king!!” read the fan’s Instagram message. “Anyone who tells u different is a liar and there [sic] mother didn’t want them at birth… @playcloths #PC4LIFE.” Without any hesitation, Pusha T, who covers VIBE’s new digital issue, praised this standom. “You my son will be blessed forever… @playcloths #PC4LIFE #IKnowTheFlawsOfAllMyChildrenAndYouArePerfect” wrote King Push along with a link to the picture of said tat. When this kid’s 15 minutes are up, we at least hope it gets him an interview for a job at the brand.