Q&A: Sanaa Lathan And Regina Hall Talk ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Rumors; Kissing Married Co-Stars

After witnessing Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall together during a roundtable interview for the upcoming Nov. 15 film The Best Man Holiday, one could walk away with the notion that a buddy movie should indeed be in their future. The bubbly tandem possesses the type of veteran timing and hilarious back-and-forth banter that would make for effortless comic gold. In our second installment behind the making of the much-buzzed-about sequel to the 1999 classic The Best Man, VIBE gets Lathan and Hall to open up, amongst other topics, about their early rocky relationship on set, the hurdles director Malcolm D. Lee faced trying to bring the ensemble cast back to the big screen, and why kissing their married co-stars is not as awkward as you think. Read on. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)