The Queen Jokes About Royal Baby Due Date: ‘I Am Going On Holiday Soon’ (Video)

All of England is watching the throne as the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is expected to give birth to the kingdom’s next heir at any moment.

According to Us magazine, the entire royal staff has been on call since July 1 (her initial due date was July 11) as Kate stays impervious to the heat wave sweeping the U.K. in her parents’ air-conditioned estate in Buckleburry.

The Queen has also been getting antsy, as footage from Fox and Friends shows her quipping about the due date. When asked if she wanted the baby to be a boy or a girl, Your Highness said, “I don’t think I mind.”

She continued, “I’d very much like it to arrive, I am going on holiday soon!,” eliciting a laugh from the crowd.

But the meticulous plan in place for when Kate feels her first contraction is no laughing matter. As soon as Prince William’s wife goes into labor, she must ring her private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who will then call Middleton’s doctor Marcus Setchell on his palace-issued cell with a signal so encrypted, no one can intercept the message, Us reported. Police will also escort Kate to prevent any traffic delays.

If all goes off without a hitch, the Duchess will deliver the Prince or Princess [name] of Cambridge naturally. The birth—with details about birth weight and gender—will then be announced with a framed notice just within the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Still, it hasn’t discouraged the media from catching their first glimpse of the royal couple and the baby as 180 photogs and press members have camped outside of St. Marys hospital in London, where she is expected to give birth, since July 8. William has continued carrying out his princely duties but has a private helicopter chartered in case he needs to make haste in being by Kate’s side.

Photo Credit: Getty