Questlove Says “Trayvon Martin And I Ain’t Shit”

Questlove says “I don’t know how to not internalize the overall message this whole Trayvon case has taught me:”

“You ain’t shit.”

The Roots drummer turned a Facebook post into a New York Magazine piece, and expressed his emotions after the George Zimmerman ruling.

“I’m in scenarios all the time in which primitive, exotic-looking me — six-foot-two, 300 pounds, uncivilized Afro, for starters — finds himself in places where people who look like me aren’t normally found. I mean, what can I do? I have to be somewhere on Earth, correct? In the beginning — let’s say 2002, when the gates of “Hey, Ahmir, would you like to come to [swanky elitist place]?” opened — I’d say “no,” mostly because it’s been hammered in my DNA to not “rock the boat,” which means not making “certain people” feel uncomfortable.”

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