Rave Review: Vato Gonzalez And Jaguar Skills ‘Earthquake’ Remix Will Trap You

Though it’s only Monday, VIBE has found an EDM mix so good we’re already naming it our hot remix of the week. Vato Gonzalez teams up with Jaguar Skills to bring a heart-attacking-inducing (in a good way) remix of “Earthquake,” featuring DJ Fresh and Diplo. Within the first few seconds of the mix you’re automatically transported into a sweaty VIP room of an underground club, the beats control your mind (or is it the booze?) and body as you mentally swish and sway to its highly hypnotic melodies. It’s a musical spell you don’t’ want to break as you’re turnt out every which way on a bass-filled thrill ride packed with lifts and drops while shuffled between various subgenres of subterranean EDM, from trap to bounce to reggae fusion.

A new dance music movement is rumbling its way across the Atlantic and it’s in the form of “Earthquake” with Vato destined to shake the hearts and bodies of countless ravers at next year’s festivals. The remix officially drops on August 11 via Ministry of Sound.

Here’s the original: