‘R&B Divas L.A.’ Episode 3 Recap: 5 Things We Learned

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Though the ladies of R&B Divas: L.A. kept up with the niceties on last night’s third episode, the cracks are beginning to show and a rift seems imminent. As of now, there’s only one person to blame: the big-voice having, crab-cake-making Kelly Price. I will forever cherish her from the “Friend of Mine” remix, her second solo album, and “It Will Rain,” but she tried the absolute hell out of it yesterday and if Chanté Moore coos some curse words in her direction next week, I don’t blame her one bit. Now, let’s move on to the who’s and why’s and no-shows of episode three. —Michael Arceneaux

1. Chanté Doesn’t Have A Man Anymore, But She’s Still Got That Body
While at the pool at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, Dwayne Wayne’s ex-wife broke the ladies off something proper by showing that she’s kept her physique intact—offering a big screw you to aging and having babies. I don’t know why I thought Chanté Moore might’ve been something like “What if Whitley Gilbert sang like old Mariah Carey?” but that is not who this woman is. She’s goofy, very opinionated, and as stated last week, has just enough teaspoons of hood in her. I assume the whole point of her dressing up like Wonder Woman in the middle of the day was to get people like me to acknowledge this. So acknowledged.

P.S. Shout out to you, girl, for working in a book reference online. Someone clearly has attended the School of Bethenny Frankel and the Reality TV Come Up, majoring in Nene Leakes’ course of “I’m rich, bitches.”