Report: iPhone Fingerprint Reader ‘A Sure Thing’


Your iPhone’s security system just got a mega upgrade, according to reports. In the latest model of Apple’s next iPhone, due out in the fall, all signs point to the device being equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

After Apple acquired the fingerprint recognition chip firm AuthTec in July 2012, rumors surfaced that the latest iPhone would incorporate the technology.

In the newest version of iPhone iOS7 beta software, experts were able to crack the coding and discover that the fingerprint sensor will likely be contained in the phone’s home button.

On Sunday (July 29), developer Hamza Sood tweeted: “iPhone home button to contain fingerprint sensor (found in beta 4).”

For many, fingerprints are a more secure way to lock your phone than any passcode. Snooping boyfriends and girlfriends, beware.

Photo Credit: Twitter