Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Debut Mixtape Sounds A Bit Too Familiar


PARTYNEXTDOOR, the 19-year-old singer/rapper and first signee to Drake’s OVOSound imprint, released his self-titled debut mixtape yesterday (July 1). Bouyed by spacey synths, Auto-Tune and more than its share of stripper references, the mixtape bares some striking similarities to another Canadian crooner with love for his crew. Yet the project is an all-too-hazy introduction for this freshman. The production—albeit interesting—far overshadows his artistry, as does a reliance on R&B cliches. Check out this track-by-track look at PARTYNEXTDOOR. — Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Welcome to the Party?
“Mississauga at sunset/Marijuana in the complex”… PARTYNEXTDOOR kicks off his debut by shouting out his hometown in Canada. “Welcome to the party” he moans on the jumpy track. So far, we’re intrigued.

Wild Bitches?
If the first song was the invite to the party, then this is the reason why you probably RSVPed. PND warbles about for a bad broad from—where else?—Atlanta. With lines like “My bitch vanilla” and “I’m out in Miami and it is so hot” and the use of chopped-and-screwed effects, the song falls flat despite good intentions.

Relax With Me
Clearly, the party next door wasn’t all that jumping, because the singer quickly flees for warmer weather on “Relax With Me.” The sax-laden beat has us daydreaming of sandy beaches somewhere.

Right Now?
A song for the ballers and the skrippers; “Right Now” is PND’s offering to the good folks at King Of Diamonds. “Yeah you the baddest in the game right now… Quit fucking with the lames right now. I could put you on some game right now,” he tells all the dancers-for-hire out there. The song just begs for a rapper to jump on the third verse. Lil Wayne? Juicy J? We’re looking at you guys.

Make A Mil?
PARTYNEXTDOOR first broke out when “Make A Mil” hit the Internet earlier this year. It still stands as one of the project’s strongest tracks. A strip-club-ready anthem that goes down nice and easy.