Ric Flair Arrest Order Issued By Judge


Looks like Ric Flair is gonna need more than a Figure Four to break out of this one. An arrest order has been issued for the former pro wrestler after he reportedly skipped out on $32,000 worth of payments in spousal support to his estranged wife.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Flair was ordered to pay $4,000 a month to Jacqueline Beems, who filed for divorce last summer. The money was to be used toward her car payment, health insurance and legal fees.

The flamboyant wrestling star—known to hype up crowds with his “Woo!” catchphrase—was held in contempt last month and didn’t pay $32,352.51 following two court orders, according to documents obtained by the Observer. He says that being out of commission due to a blood clot has kept him from cashing out.

“The reason I didn’t pay my ex-wife the 32 grand is because my son died and I was in the hospital for a month,” Flair told The Charlotte Observer Tuesday night. “I was in the hospital for a month with a blood clot. I didn’t go to work for three months.”

The arrest order was issued July 3, but Flair can dodge jail time if he fronts the payment. On the flip side, he accuses Beems of harassing his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend Wendy Kidder is the mother of four and she has 50 texts and five phone (voice-)mails from my ex-wife,” he said. “They didn’t give Wendy a warrant for arrest without looking at all of that stuff.”

When he and Beems separated in June 2012, she made claims that Flair committed “acts of marital misconduct,” though he denies the allegations.

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Photo Credit: Getty