RiFF RaFF Addresses ‘Spring Breakers’ Lawsuit

Eccentric rapper RiFF RaFF recently talked an expensive game when he said he would be suing the creators of the indie teen flick Spring Breakers, where James Franco’s character was allegedly molded in his exact likeness, for $10 million dollars.

The artist also known as Jody Highroller says that he was supposed to star in the film but that plans fell through. “I was emailed by (director) Harmony Korine and he wanted me in the movie and I couldn’t get ahold of him until later and I desperately wanted to work something out but unfortunately I couldn’t do anything to convince Harmony to make the big move of adding me to this film,” he told XXL.

Receiving zero credit for Franco’s gun-sucking character “Allen” prompted RiFF to make the personal matter legal. “They have given me none which is why we are here today dealing with this $10,000,000 law suit,” he explains. “They thought i would fold under pressure under their lies and what have you, they had no idea that dispute their feeble attempt to destroy me and call me a liar, and all the tabloids siding with them becuz (sic) I’m not liked, but my fans have stayed honest and brought the rice out on several occasions to let people know that these facts will receive justice. RAP GAME DAViD JUSTiCE.”

When asked why the steep cost, the Mad Decent signee, who is currently prepping his debut Neon iCon, cited the film’s nationwide success. “[The] movie has grossed close to 40 million since the DVD dropped and we assume JAMES FRANCO got at least 20 mil so asking half of what he had should be fair. He can have my style, for 10 mil.”

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