Rio’s DJ Duo Felguk Talks Spicing Up EDM With ‘Slice & Dice’ EP


Brazilian-based dance duo Felguk (aka Felipe “Fel” Lozinsky and Gustavo “Guk” Rozenthal) are ready for summer partying with the drop of their ‘Slice & Dice’ EP, featuring already-sizzling singles “Dead Man’s Swag” and title track “Slice & Dice.” As the Rio club kids prepare for momentous attention they are about to receive, Felguk discloses to VIBE memories of how they first met (“we are very grateful for our former boss”), thoughts on the current state of EDM (“today’s electro is very much sounding the same”) and sticking to their roots (“we have Brazilian music deep in our soul”).

VIBE: How did you guys hook up in the first place. Did you meet at the clubs or know each other before?
Felguk: We worked together in a company that produced audio for commercials. Every day when we finished working, we stayed at the company’s studio for hours and produced our first 10 or so tracks there, so we are very grateful for our former boss.

You first gained recognition through your remixes, sampling Mason, Madonna and The Black Eyed Peas, but now you’re coming out with original content in your forthcoming EP. Did you find producing original content harder than remixing or vice versa?
I think remixing is a bit easier just because you already have something to work with in the first place. Sometimes having your creative possibilities a little bit limited makes you more productive.

How would you describe the ‘Slice & Dice’ EP in your own words. What story or message are you trying to portray within its music?
We think that today’s electro is very much sounding the same. There’s a huge ‘Big Room’ trend right now, which we do like and it really works well on the dancefloor, but we wanted to produce a collection of tracks that really could stand out from the rest. Furthermore, we like the way we glued all six tracks into a single release, as opposed to putting out singles. It makes a stronger artistic statement, saying “Hey, this is Felguk right now.”

The music possesses a little bit of Salsa flair and the heat one finds in traditional Brazilian music. Do you guys look to any particular Brazilian artists or styles (bossa nova, samba, etc.) when in the studio producing your music?
We never think about it while producing, however we know that we have Brazilian music deep in our soul somehow. Brazil is a very musical country; we’ve got bossa nova, samba and many other typical music and these influence may appear in the studio every once in a while.

There will are also collaborations with 12th Planet and Infected Mushroom on the EP. What was it like working with each of these artists?
We didn’t actually go into the studio with either of them. We did a remix swap with 12th Planet and our collaboration with Infected Mushroom started as a remix for their track “I Shine” and eventually became a whole new original track. But we do know both artists personally and we are already friends, so it was very cool to have them being part of such an important release in our career.

Who else (including producers and rappers) would you want to collaborate with in the future?
Since even Sir Paul McCartney has collaborated with artists in dance music, I guess now we know can fantasize about collaborating with any artist right? So I’d say Bono Vox, Chris Martin, Gotye and Jay Kay.

What would you say is the major difference between European and South American producers?
I can’t really tell. Dance music is so universal these days… It’s really hard to tell someone’s origins just by listening to the music they make. Sometime ago I’d say that Brazilians would be more into the ‘complextro’ subgenre while Europeans would be more big room, but today we’ve got lots of big room electro being produced by Brazilians as well.

What direction would you like to see electronic music head towards in the next five years? Do you believe it will still be mainstream or will it continue to have an underground following?
Both. I think electronic music has come to stay both in the mainstream and in the underground scene.

Get he the Slice & Dice EP on Beatport.