Rock Out With Your Fro Out: Natural Hair Book ‘The Coiffure Project’ Captures The Best Natural Styles

Glenford Nunez, a Baltimore-based photographer and founder of TYP Photography has always been a fan of natural hair. What started out as simple cell phone pictures of his assistant who kept her hair natural, has now evolved to his creation of the Coiffure Project, a 98 page self-published book on natural hair styles.

“I don’t think natural hair is a fad or trend,” Nunez told the Huffington Post. “I really believe that the hairstyles and lifestyle are here to stay. This is how people wear their hair—and it’s a part of my life and I’m just documenting my life, whether it be natural hair or anything.”

The book is a collection of Nunez’s photographs over the course of a year and can be purchased at for $130, or nail a paperback edition for $18 on Jump the page for Nunez’s photographs.