Royal Baby Name Picked Out?

“Royal Baby” would have been a great name for Kim and Kanye to consider, but there’s actually a more famous “Royal Baby” about to drop.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are drawing closer to the due date of their royal baby, but much of the process is being kept a royal secret. That include’s the royal baby name, which has put souvenir makers in a bind and has set bookmakers on fire.

Photographers are already camped out outside the hospital where Middleton will give birth to the royal baby, which will actually be third-in-line for the throne once it is born. With a mid-July expected date for the royal baby, all of the UK is anticipating an event that will be more momentous than the birth of North West.

Speculation is running rampant that the couple will name the royal baby “Diana” if it is a girl, after William’s late mother Princess Di.

Find out more about the “Royal Baby” below – man, it’s fun to say “Royal Baby.” How often do we get to say “Royal Baby,” really?