‘Scream’ Producer Sues Ex-Boyfriend For Stalking


Horror flick aficionado Marianne Maddalena endured her own real-life scary movie when her ex-boyfriend began to digitally stalk her.

The movie producer for films including Scream and The Hills Have Eyes filed a lawsuit in California federal court Friday (July 5) against her on-and-off ex-boyfriend Derrick John Toole. Marianne discovered that Toole had been using spyware to intercept her e-mails and texts in 2009, THR reports.

“In or around 2010, Ms. Maddalena thought she was losing her mind as family, friends and co-workers seemed to back off and drop out of her life,” says the lawsuit.

According to the docs, the producer noticed a reply from an e-mail she didn’t send, enlisting a computer company to investigate. A lengthy list of charges has been filed against Toole, which include computer fraud, infliction of emotional distress, defamation, assault, battery and more.

Toole plead guilty in November to illegal wiretapping, computer access and fraud and is currently on probation.

Marianne is staying away from the scary movies by executive producing a romantic compilation of 10 love stories in Jerusalem, I Love You. –Alley Olivier

Photo Credit: Getty