Slim Thug Vasectomy: Houston Rapper Gets Fixed

Slim Thug broadcasted to the Internets that he would no longer prolong his baby mama drama by getting a vasectomy. Clad in his hospital gown and shower cap, the H-tine rapper took to Instagram to share that he would not be baring any more seeds or calling another his baby mama, remixing the hashtag that DJ Khaled, Drake and Co. made famous.

“#NoNewKids #NoNewBabymamas #NoMoChildSupport #NoLittleGirl just me and my 3 Boyz,” tweeted the rapper. “I’m laying in my bed, watchin’ TV with my feet kicked up and ice pack on my balls. That’s what it’s gonna be for the night…foot surgery in the morning.”

And as if the vasectomy announcement wasn’t enough, he also shared a photo of his new set of feet (below) after having several bunions removed, making us beg the question, how much is too much? —Kandice Lawson

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